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Use of cookies

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small file that is sent with the pages of this website and/or Flash applications and stored by your browser on your hard drive from your computer, mobile phone, smartwatch, or tablet. The information stored therein can be returned to our servers during a subsequent visit.

The use of cookies is very important for the proper functioning of our website. Thanks to the (anonymous) contribution of visitors, we can improve the use of the website and make it more user-friendly.


Your consent is required for the use of certain cookies. We collect it through an informative banner.

Types of cookies used and their purposes

We use the following cookies:

- Functional cookies: they allow us to improve the functionality of the website and make it more user-friendly for the visitor. For example, we store your login data.

- Audience measurement cookies: they ensure that an anonymous cookie is generated each time you visit a website. These cookies allow us to know if you have visited the site before or not. It is only during the first visit that a cookie is created. During subsequent visits, the use of the already existing cookie is automatic. This cookie is used for statistical purposes only. This way, the following data can be collected:

  • the number of unique visitors
  • the frequency with which users visit the site
  • which pages visitors consult
  • how long users view a particular page
  • the page from which visitors leave the site

- Tracking cookies: they allow us to analyze your navigation, consultation, or consumption habits on the network sites, in order to offer you targeted advertisements or personalized services. The profile established based on this data is not linked to your name, address, email address, etc., but is used solely to match advertisements to your profile, making them as relevant as possible for you. We collect your consent for these cookies. They will not be installed without your consent.

- Social media cookies: they allow social networks to record the articles and pages you share via their share buttons. They may also contain tracking cookies that trace your internet browsing behavior.

- Site improvement cookies: they allow us to test different versions of a web page to determine which page is best used.

List of cookies used

Strictly necessary cookies:

Cookie key Domain Path Cookie type Expiration Description
cart_currency / First-party 14 days This cookie is used to recognize the user's country of origin and populate the correct transaction currency.
_cmp_a / First-party 1 day This cookie is used to store the user's consent preferences to manage cookies and other tracking technologies.
receive-cookie-deprecation / First-party Session This cookie is used to signal to the website owner about the deprecation of cookies being received by the system, ensuring compliance and adaptability with evolving web standards and privacy legislation.
secure_customer_sig / First-party 1 year This cookie is generally provided by Shopify and is used in connection with a customer login.
__paypal_storage__ local Strictly Necessary Local storage Storage necessary for the proper functioning of PayPal payments.
li_adsId local Strictly Necessary Local storage Storage necessary for LinkedIn ads.

Targeting cookies:

Cookie key Domain Path Cookie type Expiration Description
_tracking_consent / First-party 1 year Tracking preferences.
_fbp / First-party 90 days Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertising products.
_fbc / First-party 90 days Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertising products.
_pinterest_ct / First-party 1 year Used by Pinterest to track usage and ad effectiveness.
_tt_enable_cookie / First-party 1 year Used by TikTok to track ad effectiveness.

Functionality cookies:

Cookie key Domain Path Cookie type Expiration Description
localization / First-party 1 year This cookie is used to store an interface language.

Your rights regarding your personal data

You have the right to access, rectify, limit, and delete your personal data. In addition, you have the right to object to the processing of personal data and the right to data portability. You can exercise these rights by sending us an email at To prevent abuse, we may ask you to identify yourself on our site. When accessing personal data related to a cookie, we ask you to send us a copy of the cookie in question. You can find them in your browser settings.

Blocking and deleting cookies

You can easily block and delete cookies yourself at any time through your Internet browser. You can also configure your Internet browser to receive a message when a cookie is installed. You can also indicate that some cookies cannot be installed. To do this, please consult your browser's help function. If you delete cookies from your browser, this may affect the use of our website.

Some tracking cookies are installed by third parties who display advertisements through our website. You can delete these cookies centrally via

Please note that if you do not want cookies, we can no longer guarantee the proper functioning of our website. Some features of the site may be altered, and in some cases, you will no longer be able to access the site. Additionally, refusing cookies does not mean you will not see any advertising. The ads will no longer be tailored to your interests and may appear more frequently.

The steps to adjust your settings vary from one browser to another. If necessary, consult your browser's help function or visit one of the links below to access your browser's manual directly.


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New developments and unforeseen cookies

On some of our pages, we may use content that is hosted on other sites and made accessible on our website using certain codes (embedded content). These codes often use cookies. However, we have no control over what these third parties do with their cookies.

It is also possible that through our website, cookies are placed by others. Have you encountered unforeseen cookies on our website that you cannot find in our overview? Let us know at You can also contact the third party directly and ask what cookies they place, what the reason is, what the cookie's lifespan is, and how they have guaranteed your privacy.


We will need to update these statements regularly, for example, when we update our website or change the rules regarding cookies. You can consult this webpage for the latest version.


If you have any questions and/or comments, please contact us at